2020 Eighteenth Global Development Trends and Local Social Concerns - Postgraduate Thesis Symposium

Poster:Wen-Fei JouPost date:2021-04-20

Call for Papers

graduate students/researchers are welcome!


Meeting time: June 5, 2020

Organizer: Institute of Future Studies, Tamkang University

 Venue: Tamsui Campus ED501


In recent years, the rapid social changes in the world have caused us to face unprecedented challenges and challenges. From the terrorist attacks, countries have successively raised the level of anti-terrorism; from the continuing impact of the European debt crisis on global financial markets; from the global attention boom triggered by Trump's election as president of the United States, to the tradition brought by the student movement of the previous anti-trade protest in Taiwan. The crisis of political governance; the follow-up effects arising from the COVID-19 outbreak all clearly show concern for global changes and related issues in the local society, and have the value and significance of practical and academic inquiry. This seminar invites new generations of domestic researchers to learn from different perspectives and discuss the current social changes and related issues that affect future social development trends.


The “Global Trends in Development and Social Concerns in Localities - Postgraduate Thesis Symposium” mainly aims to provide a space for dialogue and discussion among new generations of researchers in different social science backgrounds in China. New ways of thinking and observation, reflecting on the new orientation of Taiwan in the context of globalization and its relevance to the international community, and calling for more researchers’ urgency and enthusiasm for Taiwan’s local community care.


The topics of the main invitations for this symposium are as follows. If the topic of your paper is not covered by the following topics, it is also a discussion of emerging global/local trends and changes, and submissions are also very welcome:


1. Globalization and social change: political transformation and governance, globalization and higher education expansion, employment and unemployment, environmental change, international migration, regional development trends and changes, etc.

2. Emerging social and cultural issues: Internet technology and cultural trends, work and tourism and leisure, declining birthrate, aging, gender and marriage and family, eroticism and diversity of eroticism, poverty issues, ethnic culture, etc.

3. Knowledge innovation and transformation: educational innovation, technological innovation, organizational innovation and transformation, industrial innovation, learning creativity, etc.

4. Other related topics can be


n   Instructions for Contributors:

The full text paper (including the author's name, Chinese /English abstract, keywords, papers, including preface, literature, research methods, research findings and conclusions, the number of words to 20,000 words are limited) relevant formats, please refer to Call for style.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the symposium will hold online. Please provide your Microsoft account and reserve time for a test.


Contributors please sign up online

n   Submission site: http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=GIFS20200520

n   Important period: Full text of the paper. Deadline: May 20, 2020

n   Notification of review results and notification of the invitation to publish the paper: May 29, 2020


n   If you have any questions, please contact:

Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University Assistant, Cho FuHang 02-2621-5656 ext. 3001


 For information on the seminar, please visit the website of the Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University (http://future.tku.edu.tw/).

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