100 words talk about the future

Poster:Post date:2018-04-25
 One:In order to encourage students of our school to study in the future, we will organize a competition for future development. Through this activity, we will enhance students’ understanding of future literacy and knowledge, strengthen information acquisition skills, and establish clear thinking to prepare for the future. Change the environment, stimulate the imagination of young generations, and use modern technology and future thinking to encourage young generations to “think out of the box”, subvert the existing framework, to have a creative vision of the future, and to practice Mobility to change the future.

Two:All students in tku,everyone can has one article.

Three:the format of words: PDF

Four:title you can make it yourself

The materials (attachment 1) and copyright property rights authorization agreement (need to be signed, such as attachment 2) After the above two files are scanned, they are sent to the event registration system.

Six:dateline is 2018/5/18 before 12:00


First prize: $ 3,000 and the paper certificate

Second place: 2,000 and the paper certificate

Third place: 1,000 and the paper certificate

Masterpiece: 500 and the paper certificate
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